Ed Tech Blogs

As I start my journey to blog about Ed Tech, I would like to first salute the veterans who have extensively contributed to this domain.

Here are 20 blogs on Ed Tech in no particular order:

  1. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch
  2. The Innovative Educator – Way out of the box! Sharing ideas about the future of education.
  3. always learning – teaching technology abroad
  4. 2¢ Worth – Teaching & Learning in the new information landscape…
  5. The Edublog Awards
  6. The Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM) is a high-energy Internet TV show that inspires creativity and innovation in education
  7. Free Technology for Teachers
  8. mLearnopedia – Mobile blog concentrating on mobile technologies for learning
  9. Moving at the Speed of Creativity – the weblog of Wesley Fryer
  10. Open Thinking – Rants & Resources from An Open Educator
  11. TEACH42 – Education and Technology by Steve Dembo
  12. Yes Tech! – We are all teachers; we are all learners.
  13. Learning with ‘e’s – My thoughts about learning technology and all things digital. I’m interested in how technology can be made to work for us, particularly in education and training.
  14. Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Teaching students with new tools, enthusiasm, and belief that teaching is a noble calling.
  15. The Power of Educational Technology – Demonstrating the power of technology to transform learning, energize communities and inspire innovative thinking.
  16. Will Richardson – READ. WRITE. CONNECT. LEARN.
  17. OPEN EDUCATION – free education for all
  18. Mind Shift – How we will learn.
  19. Flipped Learning – Turning Learning on Its Head
  20. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning – A resource for free educational web tools and mobile apps for educators

I will continue to add on to this list as I explore this terrain and hopefully contribute as well.

Happy reading!


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